March 7, 2023

$4,950 USD

Talent & Performance Master Class

Nearly a decade ago, we advised leaders to break with conventional wisdom about performance management and kill their performance ratings.  Since then, we've impacted millions with our science-backed approach to continuous feedback and growth in the workplace. Now, we're bringing our long history of scientific insight to a course that will prepare talent leaders to adapt faster in a rapidly changing world of work.

Our Talent & Performance Master Class will equip you with a deep understanding of how to build resilient, sustainable talent and performance management systems that drive critical business outcomes.

This virtual program will take you through, step by step, helping you build a science-based talent management system. Starting with how to mobilize leaders, all the way through to measuring impact, we will draw on the best of research along with opportunities to learn from peers.

This program offers a unique opportunity to expand your expertise and improve your talent and performance management practices.

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Event schedule

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Attract & Engage the Best Talent

March 7 – March 28, 2023

  • Intro to the Talent & Performance Master Class
  • Making Great Hiring Decisions
  • Building an Inclusive and Psychologically Safe Culture
  • Aligning the Organization to Acquire and Engage a Winning Team
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Enable Inclusion and Speaking Up

March 28 – April 18

  • Prioritizing Quality Performance and Development Conversations
  • Brain-based Performance Conversations
  • Brain-Based Development Conversations
  • Aligning the Organization for Exceptional Performance and Development
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Develop Better Systems

April 18 – May 12

  • Prioritizing Retention and Succession Management
  • Retaining Top Talent Through Focused Career Stewardship
  • Succession Planning
  • Aligning the Organization to Promote and Retain Top Talent

Learning Outcomes

This program will teach you how to apply the research and science-based concepts to:

  • Build an inclusive culture where talent thrives
  • Prioritize quality performance and development conversations
  • Align the organization to promote and retain top talent