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BBCS Overview

Learn how to have more productive coaching and leadership conversations everyday at work or home through our models and frameworks taught in Part 1 of our Brain Based Coaching Program.

The Brain-Based Conversation Skills (BBCS) teaches you how to have quality conversations in any situation. We define coaching as “facilitating positive change by improving thinking;” a required skill for anyone in a leadership role in today’s workplace. You will gain a comprehensive ‘suite’ of brain-based tools to start coaching and leading others quickly and effectively. If you’re experienced, you will sharpen your skill set and your conversations will be more brain-friendly and results driven.

During this program, participants learn how to facilitate positive change in others by working at the level of an individual’s thinking. They learn a process that helps people move from identifying impasses to generating insights, then taking actions which lead to positive and sustainable new habits. You will walk away with the ability to coach / manage with confidence as you assist other set actions, monitor progress and growth and learning. 

*The BBCS is a prerequisite to Part 2 the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate 

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Everyday workplace conversations
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Personal productivity conversations
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Developmental conversations
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Learn. Grow. Excel

By completing NLI's Brain-Based Conversation Skills program, you will receive a certificate of completion to recognise your achievement in our neuroscience-based coach training. This certificate will indicate the number of hours (units) earned so it can be contributed towards the ICF application process.

This program is part 1 of 2 programs required to successfully achieve the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate

Delivery Mode

3 Day In-person/ virtual workshop OR Weekly Live Virtual Sessions

We offer multiple delivery options to support training preferences and offer a diverse cohort experience. Whether in person or virtual, you can expect to be in a learning environment with high calibre professionals and our expert facilitators. 



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Our Facilitators

Be taught by our experts in the field of Neuroleadership and the neuroscience of coaching. Our facilitators come with a wealth of industry knowledge with backgrounds in corporate finance, human resources and education.

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Become an Accredited Coach

Once you've completed Part 1 BBCS, Take your skills further by learning a robust coaching structure taught in Part 2 the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate.

Brain-Based Coaching Certificate