Coaching Basado en el Cerebro

Aprenda el arte y neurociencia detrás del coaching efectivo.

Los participantes de nuestro programa de Coaching Basado en el Cerebro, Brain-Based Coaching Certificate (BBCC) aprenden a aplicar una metodología basada en el cerebro utilizando la neurociencia del aprendizaje, la motivación y el cambio.


Al mismo tiempo pueden adoptar estrategias efectivas basadas en la neurociencia para ayudar a sus coachees a desarrollar nuevos hábitos, habilidades y comportamientos





Este programa esta diseñado para:


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Lideres de organzaciones

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Profesionales de RRHH y L&D

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Coaches Profesionales

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Personas interesadas en el coaching Profesional



El programa de conversaciones basadas en el cerebro ofrece fundamentos teóricos respaldado por la neurociencia contemporánea. Teorías y Habilidades del Neurocoaching aplica estas teorías basadas en el funcionamiento del cerebro que entregan a los participantes habilidades que les permiten desarrollar insigths y conversaciones de coaching alineadas con la neurociencia.













El programa de Coaching Basado en el Cerebro del Neurleadership Institute te entrega oportunidades de aprender herramientas y habilidades de vanguardia basadas en investigación para ayudar a entrenar de maner a de manera efectiva a personas de alto rendimento enfocadas en los negocios, en el lugar de trabajo o en la vida privada.

Los modelos de coaching del programa se basan en la ciencia sólida de cómo funciona el cerebro y brindan herramientas prácticas para ayudar a mejorar el pensamiento y desempeño de otras personas. Una vez termiando el programa comprenderas la neurociencia  que hay detrás de las conversaciones basadas en coaching basadas en el conocimiento y establecimiento de objetivos y de la construcción de hábitos que abren las posibilidades para interacciones sólidad que se traduce en resultados medibles.





 Estructura del Programa

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Entrega ICF Creditos

 El programa de Neurocoaching  entrega horas que pueden ser usadas para postular a la acreditación ICF 


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Qué dicen los participantes


This was a thought provoking training, which changed the way I think about helping others work through a dilemma. My coaching practice will embody the Neuroscience and the "results" orientation that I learned in Brain Based Coaching Conversations.

Heather Althoff, Houston

I have been to many 2-3 day courses during my career and by far this was the most professional, well managed, engaging one I have attended. The 3 days were busy from start to finish but I was kept fully engaged the whole time. I loved the real-plays versus role plays. I liked that we got straight into coaching on day one and were able to make mistakes comfortably and learn from them. There was fun, laughter, joy, tears and comradery. And I believe I learned some coaching skills. 

Mark Elder, Sydney

What a powerful experience. As a learning professional I respect the integrity of the program format. As a professional seeking to leverage and model a broader array of communication techniques I am confident this experience will enable rapid adoption and demonstration. As an advocate for my organization's leadership I value the grounding of your approach in the science of the brain. I applaud NLI's commitment to sharing their wisdom and will continue to invite professional and personal resources to explore and experience your organization's offerings.

Lorraine Fella, Atlanta

With its Brain Based Coaching Certificate program, NLI gives experienced as well as newbie coaches the tools and skills to have more effective, action oriented coaching conversations. The skills taught here are very pragmatic without being transactional. It is the best of both worlds, full of heart but keeping the brain in mind to forward the action. Even just a week later, this program is allowing me to serve my clients better.

Vikas Bhatia, Silicon Valley

The NeuroLeadership Brain-Based training not only gave me a greater understanding of relevant brain-science, but it also gave me a framework and skillset for effective coaching. I absolutely recommend this program for anyone who wants to make a real difference in Leadership Development.

Andrew Spink, New York

The program was a superb investment of my time and energy, amplified by the quality and professionalism of the facilitators. I am able to add greater value to my clients based on the insights and skills I was able to uncover during the program. Having been with a superb cohort also contributed to the richness of the learning.

Alex Parkinson, Auckland

This program really reshaped and refocused how I coach. To consider the science is one thing, but to consider how being solution focused is literally healthy for our brains was truly inspiring to learn. The facilitators have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and modeled the tools beautifully. I honestly believe this is where coaching is going, so get these foundational skills now! 

Brian Dann, New York