EMEA Brain-Based Team Coaching Skills

Facilitating positive change by improving thinking

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Coaching – whether individual, team, workplace or executive – with a Neuroleadership approach is always about “facilitating positive change by improving thinking”.


This program is geared towards:


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Business Leaders and Managers

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HR and L&D Professionals


The difference with team coaching is that you are working at two levels – the level of the individuals in a group, and the level of the collective. In this training we focus on the collective – as it relates to coaching and the neuroscience that helps explain its dynamics.

Team coaching is the art of facilitating the learning journey of the team as a whole. Team coaches ask questions that help the team identify their current thinking, where they are stuck, where they want to be and how they are going to get there.

The aim is to help the coachee group generate insights about solutions and work towards them by taking action and following up to support the development of new habits over time.


Learning outcomes
This program supports participants to:


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Key Content

  • Organising Principle of the brain
  • The SCARF Model
  • Multiplying and Offsetting Effect
  • Collective Intelligence/Collective Emotion/Collective Performance
  • Psychological Safety
  • Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Insight
  • The CO-CREATE Model

Key Coaching Skill


  • Questions that lead to insight
  • Clarification
  • Speaking with Intent
  • Listening for Potential
  • Placement



Upcoming Programs

  • Brain-Based Team Coaching Skills

Brain-Based Team Coaching Skills

Price: £500