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Our signature theory program gives you access to neuroscience knowledge, skills and tools you need to drive successful change initiatives. The CFN Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership is a deep exploration into human behaviour and how the brain works under the core concepts underpinning the rapidly and developing field of NeuroLeadership.

Whether you want to improve your team’s performance, help others grow, transform an organization’s strategy, drive a merger or acquisition, change how a leadership team functions or simply improve your own effectiveness, this course will make you significantly smarter about facilitating change.

Amplify your effectiveness by understanding the brain


Module 1
Making Decisions & Problem Solving


Module 2


Module 3:
Collaborating with Others


Module 4:

Who this course is for

Change Leaders or Change Management Practitioners

Organisational Development Professionals

HR & Learning and Development Managers

Business Consultants

Executive Coaches

Project Managers

Professionals interested in developing their knowledge within neuroscience


Gain access to the latest achievements in neuroscience research about the basics of human behaivour to inform ways of improving performance, developing leaders and driving positive change.



 Master the skills to

   Understand the role of neuroscience in delivering more effective culture & behavioural change

   Build a deeper perspective around the available levers for driving human motivation

   Identify opportunities to apply best practice people transformation in your unique setting


How It All Works



Watch Recorded Webinars



Read Additional Resources

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Debrief with a PhD Professor

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3-4 hour commitment each week


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Become certified in neuroscience

As a graduate of our program you will receive a certificate of completion to recognise your achievement in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership. This will also include a digital badge which represents the knowledge, skills and experience you have demonstrated by earning your certification. This can be used in email signatures, personal websites, and social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


Advance Your Education

The NeuroLeadership Institute is an approved recertification provider for the Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM recognizes the value of professional development through lifelong learning and supports formats that cater to individual learning needs and preferences. The CFN is approved for 60 PDCs.


Putting Science To Work

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Develop the skills and knowledge in how the brain works, so you have the ability to drive changes immediately or overtime.
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Meet one of our lead professors Dr. Michaela Simpson who shares her background and experience in neuroscience and answers questions about her research as it applies to the CFN. 
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Work with people more effectively and create environments that will be socially rewarding and not threatening.
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What Participants Say


"I actually miss this course now that it’s over! I got so much out of it, and enjoyed it so much. I can only imagine how much work goes in behind the scenes to pull this together so seamlessly, so thank you and your colleagues so much for all your work on this – it’s greatly appreciated, and has made a real difference in my life – personally and professionally."

"The importance of focused attention to learning, effective emotional control, and effective social interaction and the brain work needed to develop the capacity for focused attention because the default for the brain is self-narrative via the default mode network which is the opposite of focused attention."

"The Foundations in NeuroLeadership program enabled me to convert my fascination with neuroscience into practical knowledge and tools that have improved my professional and personal interactions and my work results. I would recommend this program to those interested in science-based ways to optimize your brain capacity and the performance of others."

"This was a phenomenal program. I learned so much about how to increase learning and engagement within my organization."

"It really validated a lot of what I'd heard elsewhere from other programs and courses."