Coaching Program for Coaching Professionals

When you're a coaching professional, gaining a stronger understanding of people helps you develop better techniques in your coaching and professional practice. At the NeuroLeadership Institute, our science-based coaching program gives you the skills you need to be a more effective professional coach.

Our Organizational Coaching Course for Professionals

At the NeuroLeadership Institute Programs for Individuals, our Brain-Based Coaching (BBC) coaching uses neuroscience principles to teach you how to be a better leader and professional coach. With our science-backed approach, you learn how the brain works and encourage long-term success in every client you meet.

During the BBC course, you'll experience a combination of theory and practice to learn about the neuroscience of motivation, change, and learning. This understanding will help you create powerful insights for your clients and help them develop new habits for success.

The primary purpose of the BBC certification is to give you the skills needed for creating insights. With foundational neuroscience understanding, you have the resources to develop your own ideas about what leadership is and what your clients need. We give you the tools, and you find the best way to use them in your professional coaching. Plus, our course works toward an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification.


Coaching Professionals

The Benefits of Our Science-Backed Professional Coaching Courses

Our professional coaching programs for individuals help you unlock a valuable skill set to carry with you through the rest of your professional life. The BBC program helps you:

    • - Harness your leadership abilities: As a professional coach, you've dedicated a lot of time to understanding your leadership style and using it in all the right ways. Adding a neuroscience understanding to your skillset helps you harness your leadership abilities in a new way, making you a more effective coach.

    • - Connect with clients: You work with clients every day and aim to help them reach their full potential. When you understand what their brain needs in order to learn, change and stay motivated, you can foster deeper connections and teach habit building for the long term.

    • - Facilitate change: Your clients will likely come to you when they need to transform performance in the workplace, either individually or collectively. Helping them develop long-lasting habits leads to small- and large-scale change.

    • - Empower individuals: When you're a professional coach, you're in the business of empowerment. You can extend your neuroscience skills to every person you work with, so they have the tools they need to keep up with their successful habits well into their professional lives.

Virtual Workshops Make Our Program Accessible

  • The BBC program is entirely online to make it easy for you to enhance your professional coaching skills. We offer 30 programs every year around the world. Find a workshop time slot that works well with your calendar, so you can continue to work while you set time aside for your professional development.

Talk to a Consultant About Our Professional Coaching Programs for Individuals

  • Transform the way you approach professional coaching with the NeuroLeadership Institute. Speak with one of our educational consultants today to learn more about the BBC program.