Feedback For Impact


Feedback is essential to enhance performance, yet many of us have experienced the inherent issues with either giving it or receiving it. Research shows the majority of feedback given by leaders has minimal impact on future performance or in the majority of cases, has the opposite effect - performance gets worse.  It’s time to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Turn feedback on its head, in our next masterclass series with our in-house expert Kendra Strudwick. In this two session series, you will explore the neuroscience of feedback, practice having quality feedback conversations that increase growth, performance and trust in all of your workplace relationships and become a leader that generates the positive impact you desire.

Session details

2 x 90 minute virtual Zoom sessions

 21st & 28th of February 2022 | 12:00PM- 1:30PM AEDT

Introductory price AUD 200 (excluding GST)

Book by 14th of February 2022
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Core Masterclass Outcomes

• Learn how to have brain-friendly feedback conversations that boost performance.

• Confidently de-escalate threat for yourself and others during the feedback process.

• Enhance the quality of the feedback you receive from others when self servicing your own professional development.


Program Specifically Designed For

• Leaders seeking to have more effective performance conversations with their team.

• Professionals wanting to develop their communication skills.

• Individuals who are interested in our research and how we use neuroscience to improve leadership, culture and performance.

Masterclass Inclusions

• Research Summaries which simplify complex research into digestible pieces, making it easy to remember.

• Practice Tools to help you implement your learnings immediately.

• A Conversation Guide to help you structure your feedback in a brain friendly way.

Your NLI Masterclass Expert

Professional Certified Coach
Head of Learning, 

Kendra Strudwick

Thousands of business leaders have been taught by Kendra Strudwick one of NLI's most sought after facilitators. As a seasoned executive coach with over 20 years of experience Kendra has lead organisations amid disruption and change with her expert knowledge of neuroscience based leadership. 

Kendra is well known within the international coaching community for her depth of knowledge, passion and ability to facilitate a safe and vibrant learning community.

With over 6000 hours of coaching experience, new and experienced coaches can expect to ‘level up’ when guided by Kendra.

Tickets Availability

Our sessions are limited to 40 spots only. 

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$200AUD + GST

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