Individuals Interested in Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is about helping people recognize their goals, take accountability for their actions and find the best approach for success. This career may seem appealing to you, and at NeuroLeadership Institute, we teach you the skills necessary for the job..

Start With Professional Coaching Skills Training

At NeuroLeadership Institute, our Brain-Based Coaching (BBC) teaches you powerful foundational skills for jumpstarting your career in professional coaching. With a science-based approach to leadership, you learn how the brain works through learning, motivation, problem-solving and habit development.

Our BBC program involves a series of workshops and Coaching in Action sessions to help you understand how to use neuroscience in your coaching techniques. With a better understanding of the human brain, you can develop insights about yourself as a leader and tailor your coaching methods to every client.

Why is the BBC program a good place to start? A science-based skill set is easy to build upon as you develop your coaching techniques. Even if you don't pursue a career in professional coaching, you can use the information you learn to inform your other habits in your professional and personal life.

We also support International Coaching Federation (ICF) certifications with our BBC program. If you're at the beginning of your coaching career, we can offer credits toward your qualification.

Individuals Interested in Professional Coaching

What Can Our Professional Coaching Program Do for You?

If you're interested in professional coaching, you might not feel sure about where to start your career or if you want to at all. Our BBC program is an excellent way to delve into the world of coaching. With us, you can:

    • - Develop foundational skills: The BBC program will teach you about the neuroscience behind behaviors like learning and motivation, helping you understand people in a way you haven't before. These foundational skills will help you develop your coaching abilities.
    • - Kick-start your career: With the credits toward an ICF certification, our program can be a stepping stone on your way to a full career in coaching.
    • - Learn to empower: When you understand what people need to build powerful habits, you can empower anyone you meet, whether it's a friend, co-worker, client or yourself.

Find a Virtual Workshop in Your Region

  • If coaching is just an interest for you right now, you're likely giving your time to another career. We understand finding time for your professional growth can be challenging, which is why all our workshops are online to support accessibility wherever you are. There are 30 BBC workshops every year at different time frames in regions around the world. You don't need to travel to take our classes, and you can find a time slot that best reflects your schedule.

Learn More About Our Workplace Coaching Skills Program

  • At NeuroLeadership Institute, we facilitate insights so you can develop your own direction for your coaching career. Whether you need a professional coaching certification or would like a closer look at skills training, our BBC course is an excellent place to start. Get in touch with one of our education consultants to learn more.