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CREATE Insights: Facilitating from Impasse to Insight

Learn more about  NLI’s unique coaching model in this special coaching program taster session led my Master Facilitator Bret Freeman.  Understand the neuroscience behind decision-making blockages. Learn strategies to facilitate insights, both for yourself and your teams. Dive deep into real-life examples where neuroleadership has transformed challenges into opportunities. By facilitating from Impasse to Insight"  you can drive performance, optimise learning, and motivate lasting behaviour change 

The Evolution of SCARF: 20 Years Later

IIt has been 20 years since NLI identified the five domains in humans' social experience: status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.  Developed by Dr. David Rock, the SCARF model has revolutionized our understanding of social behaviour and neuroscience in various contexts, from organizational management to interpersonal relationships.  Join NLI's Master Facilitator Bret Freeman as he delves into the profound impact and evolution of the SCARF model over the past two decades.

Your brain at work, 25 Years of Brain-Based Coaching

Join Dr. David Rock for a webinar celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Brain-Based Coaching program, which has won multiple awards for its transformative impact. Discover what makes our training unique and how it has profoundly affected many individuals. Our coaching program has been a significant revelation for many graduates, sparking life-changing journeys that go beyond the program itself.

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