How to Become a More Effective Leader

In the world of business, effective leadership is essential. Without good leaders, efficiency and productivity decrease at a rapid rate. Employees would have trouble knowing what to do and how to do it. And without good leadership skills, the leaders themselves could not convey their intentions and expectations. The results would foster confusion and frustration for all parties involved. 

If you're reading this, then you've already begun your journey toward becoming a more successful, inspiring and courageous leader in your industry. Becoming a better leader benefits you wherever you are in your career. And if you want to someday become an influential leader in your field, learning more about the brain now can launch you closer to achieving your goal.



Ways to become a more effective workplace manager or leader

Business Leaders and Managers 

Business leaders and managers are in positions of authority for a reason. Ideally, they have the intangible abilities of leadership and smart decision-making. But good business leaders — the people in authority — need to have another skill in their toolbox. They need to guide and influence the people under them to do their work and do it well. 

Once you rise to the position of manager or another level of authority, you don't gain magic powers that suddenly make people want to follow you. However, with the right type of leadership, your workers will carry out their tasks with enthusiasm and determination. Here are some ways you can become a more effective manager or leader in your place of work:

  • - Develop your skills: You'll need to continue to sharpen your skills to stay effective and grow in your leadership position. This requires important brain-based skills like self-evaluation. You'll need to consider how your workers are evaluating your actions, words, and demeanor. 
  • - Motivate your team members: Everyone loves workers who give their all for their entire shift. But many leaders are unaware that they can bring that potential out of the people in their workforce. Elevate your team's strengths by encouraging them to do their best every day. With proper motivation, you'll light the spark of inspiration in your team members to give their all. 
  • - Encourage positive change: Change is a part of every business. If your company is having trouble achieving its goals, you need to be ready to change and implement that change with your workforce. You'll need good communication skills to convey why these changes are happening and what your team can do to help. 
  • - Foster a healthy environment: People love working in healthy work environments where their managers are motivating and workers are inspired to achieve their best every day. By following these steps, you'll be well on your way toward achieving a better work environment and getting closer to your goals. 

And these tips are great for business owners, too. If you want to improve manager effectiveness within your business, consider putting the above practices into action. Also, give your managers the right educational opportunities to learn more about the brain works so they can tap into your workforce's true potential. 


Human Resource and Learning and Development Professionals


When it comes to human resource and learning and development positions, making human connections with team members and helping to drive change are both essential parts of your job description. At the center of these positions has to be an understanding of the brain and how people operate. You need adequate knowledge of emotion, change, problem-solving and interpersonal development to help your team reach their goals. 

Here are four ways you can be more successful in your human resource or learning and development position:

  • - Make connections with your team: Being relatable and trustworthy is the only way you can truly connect with your team. Focusing on the needs of your team will help each member be more receptive and open to the development of their professional skills.
  • - Encourage change: At the heart of real change are three pillars — staying motivated, managing emotions and approaching problems. Bring these skills to work with you, and you'll be better able to encourage positive changes in your workforce
  • - Develop insights: Insights are some of the most valuable tools in the business world. By finding the right insights, you can know what is working for your team and what needs improvement so you can take the right actions. 
  • - Empower the whole workforce: Pass these skills onto your workforce to make the entire working environment more productive and positive for everyone. 
Professional Coaches

A professional coach is one who teaches, leads and encourages someone else to reach their full potential. Coaches play a critical role in leadership and workforce improvement. If you want to be a more effective professional coach, you'll need to understand the brain. You can start implementing actions such as:

  • - Tap into your leadership abilities: As a professional coach, you've been sharpening your leadership abilities for years. And the thing about the brain is that we can always learn more about it. Study how the brain works so you can better lead the people you're coaching. 
  • - Connect with your clients: Connections are key for every coach. Digging deeper into your clients' thought processes helps you target areas where you can better connect with them. 
  • - Facilitate lasting, positive change: Your clients come to you because they want to improve a certain part of their life or reach a new milestone in their career. Help each client develop positive habits that lead them closer to lasting change.
  • - Empower each person you coach: Being a coach and empowering individuals to go hand in hand. When you understand the brain better, you'll know how to empower everyone you work with to reach their personal goals.

Individuals Interested in Becoming a Professional Coach or Leader

Learning more about the brain can even help you if you're looking to become a professional coach or leader in your field. Here are a few actions you can take if you're ready to start walking down this career path:

  • - Lay a strong foundation: As you embark on this new leadership career, you must learn more about the brain functions behind behaviors like motivation and learning. You'll need this knowledge for success as a coach or leader. 
  • - Jump-start your career: You'll need to take a Brain-Based Coaching (BBC) course to gain credits toward your International Coaching Federation (IFC) certification. Taking this course brings you one step closer to becoming a professional coach.
  • - Learn how to empower people: After understanding how to equip people to develop strong, positive habits, you'll be ready to empower anyone to achieve their goals — including yourself. 

Let NeuroLeadership Institute Help You Become a More Effective Leader

Understanding the brain is the cornerstone to becoming a more capable leader. Our BBC course and our Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership program are ready to help you gain the necessary knowledge you need for success. With these programs under your belt, you'll be ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and help propel everyone around you toward higher levels of success.

Check our upcoming program schedule to find a time slot that works for you, and we hope you'll contact us to speak to an education consultant for more information. We look forward to helping you learn what it takes to be a good leader by having a fuller understanding of the brain.